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In The Peg Seat
While making a little joke about weight.I take it peg did not like it.The next thing you I on the ground.And some thing on top of me.Well you can see for your self.
Who Is That 1
Any body recall this little fellow?Used to be on channel.
Well on my way home I ran into a friend who likes trains.He went to on the trips I did not get to go.He had a great time witch made me feel whorse.When I got home just had enough.I decide to run away because every body had turned on me.No reason for me to hang around here.So I got my piggy bank well I have more than one.Picked out some cloths.I wrote a note telling every bye.The next morning I went to school.Well I acted like I was going.The first thing I did was go to the bus station.I knew the train station would be the first place they would look.I brought bus ticket to canda.The bus pulled out I looked out the window."Good bye acmeacers this is one toon you will not have to kick around anymore."Back at acmeloo the toonters are coming into class.There were a few teachers out in hall talking about some thing.Porky pig came in the class room and said"CClass I II have bad news your clasmate eeee eric has run away."Some gasped some talked talking amoung themselfs.Buster raised his hand. Porky "Yes buster."Did he leave a note?"Porky said "As a matter of fact he dddd did."Porky pulled a copy of the note and begain to read it to the class."Dear classmates,teachers,parents.I have had it I can not take it any more.Since every body has turned against me.I see no reason to hang around.Where I not welcome any more.I did not mean to look at that test answers.And even I did not just look at it a long time.But it didn,t matter I been pegged as the villian.So I going away and I no intendons of ever coming back.You all be very pround of your selfs of ruining my life.And shirley if we ever meet again.I hope your on a plate with a side order of mashed potatoes!!"Every body was quit no one said any thing more.Buster stood up and said"We need to go find him.First thing we need to go to the railyard.He is really nuts about trains."Porky looked at buster."Busters that the first place his parents checked.Eeeri eric knows that is the first place they would check.Lets remember H he pretty smart toon."


Eric Oxner
United States
I was born/live in monroe n.c.I started drawing as a kid and been drawing ever since.I would draw in school that got me in trouble.Another thing is I like trains and would draw them.Anyway I doing a comicbook that is a through back to saturday mornings.Its set in another universe where furries and humans and aliens.I would like to become partners with other line minded artist.I have posted some of my art work for my project.


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